Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Harry Potter and Andy Warhol day

Calling all Harry Potter and Andy Warhol fanatics! The Harry Potter: The Exhibition and Andy Warhol: 15 minutes eternal is still on going at the ArtScience Museum. Few weeks back, Jimmy and I checked it out and we went home thrilled and well-informed. Naks! I give them both best attention-to-details award! Strictly no photos allowed inside the gallery for muggles like us. Boohoo sorry. But you can check the ArtScience Museum features here and watch the videos below. Yay!
*British accent on* If only I was brave enough to volunteer in the "sorting hat" session! #chicken

As tweeted, I'm with my bestfriend @dancing_pandas in spirit.
devil is in the details
The most extensive collection of Andy Warhol's works in one day? OH YES! I personally loved the Sliver Factory, the fascinating Time Capsule project and of course the iconic self-portraits.

Oh, indeed.
Partner for all seasons - Jimmy!
Obligatory shot, yes.

We rewarded ourselves for (finally!) checking out the exhibits with Charlie Brown Cafe's delicious French crepe and Cheese pizza. After a long day of walking and gasping, who can resist crepe and pizza righhhhhht?


'Till the next exhibit.

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