Thursday, 19 July 2012

Reading List: Weekend

Things that's keeping me sane this past few days:
1) Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky - Ever since I discovered The 99 Percent, "career" is pretty much manageable. I mean, words of encouragement and spot on advices are always there. Useful and sensible. 

2) Computer Arts - July 2012( #202 issue) - I don't mind splurging a bit on books and magazines and CA is probably that magazine that I can say is a bit pricey but definitely worth it. Trust me if only I could collect all issues, I would. (working on it now!) The current issue is everything about TYPE. Need I say more?

3) Teen Vogue (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone) - I cannot justify how I badly needed this magazine. Joses and I adore ze real life couple. I've read it more than 5 times now. Ahhhhh, these pretty people!

I'm surviving a chaotic month because of these 3 and Breaking Bad. Oh gah, Jim got me addicted. Pun intended.

Since we are in the topic of "current reads", not that I need to share but last week I finished Fifty Shades of Grey. Yep, I gave in to the hype. All I can say I've developed a "love/hate" feeling towards it. I mean what does she mean by "He makes me feel like a wanton"? Haha! As tweeted, I feel like hugging myself in the corner after reading the trilogy. Lol, but then imagining Matt Bomer as Christian Grey. Holy. Fudge.Holy. Mother. Of. You know who.

Today is Dark Knight Rises day -- more reasons to be happy!

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