Monday, 10 September 2012


What a laid-back weekend it has been!  Ever since J and I are in nesting mode haha! we promised ourselves that we will find time to go out and still be our outdoorsy selves.  But not this weekend. After my semi-painful derma, I decided to just go home and cancel our Saturday plans. Boo!

Cancelled plans mean movie marathon. We watched rom-com What to expect when you're expecting and Bachelorette - common denominator ? Rebel Wilson! To get some badassery we re-watched The A-team and The Losers. Weekend also means pancakes in the afternoon and more slacking. YAY!

I finally managed to read my latest YEN magazine and it was soooo beautiful. I'm particularly mesmerized by the Lisa Mitchell spread (and interview!) and the FLORIADE- Australia feature. Dreaming to go there in the future!

Ending our Sunday with new music from THE XX (awesome as f***). Here's my favorite track Sunset:

Cheers to another week! 

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