Sunday, 14 October 2012

Diana+ Circa 2008

My first Lomo camera was of course a Diana+ and I will never forget the warm, fuzzy feeling I felt the first time I held it in my arms. (Child birth?!) It was a birthday gift from my brother and I'll always remember the thrill of seeing my first five rolls a.k.a. Noob rolls. It was an overwhelming combination of blur, light leaks, MX, vignettes and strange exposures. I just can't get enough of this lo-fi beauty. Every film with Diana+ is surprisingly wonderful. Oh, I love you dreamy Diana+ 
First time Bulb mode | Obligatory M/F shot in Intramuros | Around Intramuros | Gabriel
Learn more about the Diana+ and Diana F+ here. Tell me about your first camera, your first roll. 

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