Sunday, 2 December 2012

Oh Hello 1 Year!

Hello guise! Last November 30, ohhellody turned 1! Yay! I can't believe I was able to reach a year. Being a Piscean, I tend to start many things and stop in the middle. I wonder if it's lack of motivation and abundance of laziness but I'm proud that I was able to stick to my blog. Woopie! Ohhellody have gone a long way since my first entry (very emotionally entitled) "DEAR UNIVERSE, I'M READY". More than anything, I want to review the goals I listed a year go and see my progress. 
  • To share the lessons from my Life's little detours. 
  • To pass around good vibes and positivity.
  • To occasionally rant and vent out.
  • To practice my Design skills (that killz).
  • To inspire. 
  • To meet more nice and lovely people.
  • To pay tribute a.k.a fan girl mode.
  • To share my favorite things and lists. 
  • To #humblebrag (haha!)
  • To have an excuse to talk about my life in general. (read: online diary)
  • To take more photos.
  • To take chances and make more mistakes.
  • To challenge myself.  (outfit post, yes? *lol*) 
  • To commit to something.
And commit, I did! Thank you to all the readers and passers-by and I hope you keep coming back. For now, allow me  to gather my thoughts and answer this question "Now what?".

Happy Anniversary, Ohhellody! *bear hug*

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