Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Travelling Mars

Last week, Marianne and I met with our friend Mars (as in the planet!) who's travelling on her own to Singapore. We haven't seen her in a while so meeting up was in order. After dinner we decided to bring her to H&M and shop her heart out. 
Say hello to the MARs - Marianne and Mars! 

Take 1 & Take 2
I love walking along Orchard road especially now that the Christmas lights are up and the street performers are out being cool as usual. December is the most wonderful time of the year talaga!
Ferrero Christmas tree, why not?
After hours of talking and walking, we wished Mars the best birthday ever (it's her birthday the next day) and took advantage of the mirror wall at Wisma for parting group shots.

Hello and Goodbye! 
I hope you had a great time, Mars! See you around!

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