Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dianaplus meets Tanamo

February is upon us! Did you know that Lomography recently launched limited edition cameras? The same iconic camera only decorated with love messages and with flaming red retro-flash! AHHH IT'S SO LOVELY!!!!

Behold the Diana F+ and Diana Mini Love Letters Edition.....
In the spirit of love and lomo, I decided to join the Diana Love Letters blogger challenge. I love writing love letters and a DIANA challenge? Hello, I'm in!

But since Jim and I don't celebrate Valentine's day or even anniversaries (believe it or not!) I'm a little scared to do this project. I'm terrified that my sweetness limit was already met when I wrote this for his birthday. Heehee! But for Lomography I am willing to make an exception! After all, Lomography is filled with magic and love :-)

I was clueless on what to do most of the week but this morning the perfect idea came to me. "HOW ABOUT HOW YOU GUYS MET!?!?" says my sometimes absent-minded brain. Oh yeaaaaah! Today, I want you to all know that I met Jim through Lomography. The first time we met in person was March 28, 2008 at a Lomography event in Manila. Yuck! I still remember the date! Haha! Even before we got together officially, we had to go through chaos and jadedness but I'm glad we both survived. Love is indeed worth fighting for. Haha Wink wink ;) 

So here is my love letter to Jimmy a.k.a. Tanamo.... 

Say it with Diana, say it with Lomography!

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