Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Just a hiccup.

You know what's a definite mood killer? Twitchy laptop screens! Last night, while I was working on the latest Fab Manila emailer my laptop started flickering and showing turquoise vertical lines. The more you move the screen the more weirder it gets. I thought the powerful "Reset" will do the trick but sadly it didn't. Just like any paranoid earthling, I googled simple troubleshooting tips I thought I could follow but mostly advised to let Apple geniuses take over. Logic board, NVIDIA, loose cables? How I wish Jimmy is here, he'll know how to explain these things to me.

Gahhhhh! I'm freaking out because repairs might not be covered by the warranty or it'll be waaaaaaaay too expensive. Huhu! I can't afford to lose lappy huhu not with so many projects ahead. :-(

Anybody else experienced this dilemma? The problem looks like this and this

Everything will be okay repeat 10 times. This is just a hiccup.

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