Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lovely Reads #1

My need to make lists is ever reliable so I would like to take advantage of it by sharing lovely reads found in the "internets". #tryingtobecool

1. Good Night, Sweet Dreams via Darling Magazine - How to love your alarm clock and be a good sleeper.
2. Stay Strong via Life at the bottom - As a designer with pressure, deadlines and other issues. This is spot on.
3. Love your Sadness via Danielle Laporte - Learning to appreciate sadness and the good that comes out of it.
4. The 7 most sought after good habits via Life Hacker - Sleep, read, exercise and more.
5. Grocery List via Greatist - Why going grocery shopping hungry is a bad idea.
I hope you find them helpful. Don't forget to hit cmd /ctrl +D!

Happy first day of June!

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