Thursday, 12 December 2013

10 Free Holiday Fonts

Sooooo I heard you like free pretty fonts! Here ya go! ^_^

Get the lovelies here: 1. Stainy | 2. Handy George | 3. Dk Carte Blanche | 4. Mayonaise Condensed | 5. Making Lettering | 6. Rousseau | 7. Simon Script | 8. Sketch Script | 9. Drop your anchor | 10. Handy George

Ho ho ho!


  1. Hi! I don't mean to be one of those people that finds fault with things other people do - because I LOVE your font posts and I don't want you to stop doing them! But I did notice on this post that you actually have "Handy George" linked to 2 different fonts; #2 Christmas (which I think is correct) and #10 Especially For You (which I think is the one that is wrong). Anyway - just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to fix it. I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start! And I hope to see more of your fun font posts in the near future! :)

    1. Oh Hello Brenda!
      Yeahhhhh sorry about that and thank you for noticing! :)
      I'll check back and update the post! Thank you thank you!
      I really appreciate it! <3

  2. I love these Holiday fonts so much! :)



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