Thursday, 1 December 2011


Impulsive buyer, I am. (truth hurts). I have acknowledged this fact and I am working on it. I once bought these bunch of sticky notes not because I need them but because they're too cute! 

Some of the questions I ask myself when I want to buy something:

"is it cute?" *dense i know*
"is it the last piece? the last pair?"
"does it come with another color? another issue? another style?"
"is it comfortable?"
 "do you imagine wearing it with the other stuff you have?"
"is it reasonable priced?"
"how about SALE?"
"will you have the money for other things if you buy this?"
"will someone buy it for you?" read: family sponsors
"will Jim like it?"

They were mostly about how want it not about if I need it. 

I was living the life of Max and Caroline (2 Broke Girls) six months ago. Everything suddenly became expensive. Once again, I was the little girl in Sunday's best asking her dad for money to buy cotton candy. Low self-esteem alert!

What was happening? I worked for 2 years and I had no savings. HOW FREAKING AMAZING. Looking back,  I wanted to punch my past self. My mum would always tell me that I should save up and stop buying things I don't need, you know mother's wisdom. *face palm*

For years, I have lived up to this motto: "If it fits you well, buy the colors". There was always an urge to buy something in all colors available just to please my inner hoarder. When I was planning the Singapore trip, my sister made it clear that I'm not allowed to bring everything. Excess baggage? No, Thanks.

Exhibit A: ( things I got in Manila )

Exhibit B: (things I recently bought)

Instead of hoarding regrets, I learned two wonderful lessons:

1) Differentiate a want from a need. 

2) It starts with making smart choices that lead to long-term gratification.

PS. This is also the main reason why I don't make eye contact with credit card agents. Sorry guys, it's not you, it's me.

* deco tapes from Puglypixel


  1. Just so you know, I was able to use all the sticky notes you gave me a year ago while I was studying for the board exam.

    Certain wants may turn into needs.

    Now that wasn't such a waste, was it? :)

  2. i was never the hoarder, never had enough money to go around to hoard hahaha but i still keep my 3Q' of buying. 1) do i REALLY need it? 2) do i need it NOW or can i postpone buying? 3) can i buy it CHEAPER? last week i was trying to rummage through our closets to find stuff to give away to a charity event my school was sponsoring and i was suprised to find out that we really don't have much in excess... is that good or bad? i don't know :P



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