Thursday, 1 December 2011


(cutiepie pens I gave to our interns early this year. I think.)

I love Oprah! She's my role model and her generosity and faith is just moving. I also love how people open up to her spot on! Remember how crazy Tom Cruise was on her show? It was wild! In a business-related subject in college, our professor Mr. A asked us to write on a piece of paper who inspire us the most. The reason for this was whatever name we wrote would be our nickname. And so, I was called Oprah for the entire semester.

Oprah is the media's most generous boss. She gave ipad to her staff and $10,000 cheque regardless of how long the person worked there. She had this segment called "Oprah's Favorite Things" where she shared things that she felt noteworthy or that would make a great gift. It was dubbed as the "The O List" in her magazine and was usually during holiday season. How Oprah made everyone feel loved and appreciated inspired me to try to be more thoughtful and grateful. I WANT TO BE THE NEXT OPRAH!  Hahaha! Just watch how her audience got very emotional when she shared her favorite things. I imagine myself dancing around tossing gifts telling them *Everybodehhhhh gets a lapppppptopppppp! You get a laptop! You get a laptop! You! You!* #oprahstyle

I may not be super rich like Oprah but I try to give away my favorite things as much as possible. We can now call this "Dy's-favorite-things-meager-people-style" hahaha! My lovely Tita Wiji blogged about the Goodie bag I gave her and Lola L before I left for Singapore. You can read about it here. My heart melt reading it. Thank you, Tita!

For my first #hellofavoritethings, allow me to share with you things I just can't get enough of! I promise that if I become Oprah-rich I'll give away Diana cameras and more! For now I can treat you to Gong cha or share with you my ultimate favorite snack: Hello Panda. Top things I have given away so far are pens or markers, notebooks, rings and chocolates! I even brought extra notepads with me to give to my future new friends here. Out of 5, I have given only 1. Boo.

There is so much love and good things to share, it's the thought that counts remember?

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

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