Thursday, 1 December 2011

Somewhere unfamiliar.

(photo by JRA)

If you remain in your comfort zone you will not go any further.  - Catherine Pulsifer

There was a time in my life when I enjoyed being in my comfort zone, a place where I know I wouldn't fail. Same work, same place, same tasks, same everything. Heck! Even lunch was on repeat. I knew a part of me wanted to change and I always wondered how it is to be somewhere unfamiliar. I stayed inside my comfort zone,  making up reasons why I should stay and just paced the same old way. I claimed to be so occupied with the things inside the zone even though deep in my heart I longed for something better, something different.

I was a coward. I was too scared to even try and was too attached to even let go. But then, the universe has its own way and decided to slap me bigtime. It was like a chapter from the book of series of unfortunate events. I got sick, I lost my job, I was broke, I lost friends and I got very bitter with life. I started to entertain hate and negative things in my life and I was scared of everything. I was either sad, tired or neutral. That was a hard thing for my loved ones to see. The cheerful and excited Dy suddenly became sickly and hateful. (Ulk!) The universe had to do it only to make me realize I deserve something better. It was a tough time, my life's lowest point.

With my true friends and my family being more than supportive and loving, I gathered strength. I couldn't let my life go by just watching others win and me being stuck in the depressed mode. I held my breathe, I prayed and I took a step. That's the amazing thing about kissing the comfort zone goodbye, you can take it #onedayatatime.

It takes so much courage and superhuman strength to let go of the familiar. Trust me. Reality is complex and that's why we have to be more resilient. The best thing to do is to be who you are and to stop doubting yourself. Acknowledge your fears and take emotional risks. Some people will love you for what you've done and other will be threatened or will just be a hater. I say, "Pffffft." Who cares?

Remember that life only improves when we take chances. Come to the fun side! *cartwheels and eggrolls*

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