Friday, 9 December 2011

FANDOM: Luke Beard

I am always in high spirits whenever I see any sorts of beautiful typography. From book covers, album art, posters, websites, branding, packaging, street signs and so on. I have tons of links filed under: Mind = Blown which I'd like to share with the world. So you or someone reading ohhellody will never be uninspired again.

I was in instant fan girl mode when I stumbled upon Luke Beard's work in tumblr. He is young, creative and a type nerd. I wonder how many fonts are there in his Font Book. Heee :) He combined music and typography with his everyday project  "A Lryic A Day" and they are truly worth reblogging! Recently, Four year strong (one of Jim's favorite bands, check them out!) asked him to make an artwork for each track of their new album "In Some Way, Shape or Form" and they're all awesome!!!!

*Photos taken from A Lyric A Day
This also reminded me of my attempt to do a 365 days project and this time I should really commit to it. Resume Project Well Said? Yes?

Drool more over his amazing talent in A Lyric A Day and tweet nice things to him on Twitter.

Let's make beautiful typography! Because we KERN! ;)

P.S. Hello Luke, I'm a fan :)

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