Saturday, 31 December 2011


Once and for all, I'm allowing myself to remember the highlights and selected lowlights of my 2011. It was fun looking back, reminiscing and reflecting at how much I've grown and how many memories and lessons 2011 gave me. If you have time, you should do one too! :)

1. Jim's Surprise children's party at Mcdo (January 2011) - I started 2011 with love and lots of lover duties. Haha Yiiiiie. I think I reached my sweetness quota for the entire year when I did this. It was one of the best Sundays of my life. Deep deep deep deep inside, we are all sweet girls right? At ano kaya ang award-winning gesture ko this 2012? *no pressure*

2. Chelsea Night a.k.a 1,949. (January 2011) - I had a mini reunion with Joses, Ritz and Jamie this year. We had dinner at Chelsea- Serendra and it was so much fun seeing them that night. I had salmongasm too! Hngggggg! @jopaydiets was there in "peaches" spirit. Haha! 

4. Family bingo (January 2011 or Feb? haha) - A whole day with my family, food, games, prizes and Jim. - SO MUCH WIN!

5. Career talk at ICSM (February 2011) - Life became extra sweet when I met lovely girls from my high school and they actually paid attention to me while I talk. Haha! TV host dream - check! Haha! I just hope I influenced them in a good way at wag lang yun mga kalokohan ko. It was nice knowing that you were a good example even just for a day. 

6. 22nd Birthday - No Boys allowed celebration (March 2011) - This year I opted for an all girls birthday "party". I invited my girlfriends for some Never been kissed, Cinderella story movie time! Yes, chick flicks! Mogwai closed this year (sucks!) but knowing I have this memory, not bad huh? *not bad obama meme*

7. Lomo the dog (---- 2011) - I grew up not really interacting with dogs because I have weak lungs (read: hikain). This year, Jim "gave" Lomo to me because he wanted Lomo to grew up in an environment where he can play and enjoy his dog years. HAHAHA! So I'm kind of the adopted mother. And no, he wasn't in a basket with a note outside our front door. In case you're wondering, Puiji is Tita Wiji's frenchie and Lomo's girlfriend. #true story.

8. Haciendera a.k.a Green thumb mode (June- July 2011) - The toughest time of the year was around May to July. I was sickly, unemployed, emotional and was a lost lamb. My parents went to visit our relatives in the US and they left me in charge of our Landscaping business. What the hell do I know about plants, right? I know santan and carabao grass, but NOT GOOD ENOUGH. haha! I was so scared that I was a misfit. With my mum's guidance 8,113 miles away, I think I did a pretty good job. Yay for skill upgrade! 

9. Friends (Old and New, Stayed and Left) - From interns turned close friends, from officemates turned "kada" and food trip buddies, 2011 was a good year for friendship. Keep in mind those who were always there and never left. Cheers to friendship! (Real ones) 

10.  Pentel girl (August 2011) - I just want to thank "everything" for happening for a reason. Remember Lesson 10: Happiness is doing a job that you love. Always remember that His delays are never His denials. I'm back, how can I help you?

11. Singapore (July-Present-Future) - Words are just not enough to explain how this was the top highlight of my year. It wasn't easy but it was all worth it. Thank you +65 for embracing me back and tighter.

May you find the strength to let go of the things that makes you sad and weary and find strength to hold on to what's important and what feels good. Whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm! 

Happy New Year everyone and stay in touch! 

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  1. Waaah hahaha Lomo thinking of Puiji! Awww :) Here's to a more awesome 2012! Universe, watch us! :D Good times!



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