Friday, 3 February 2012

Frinspiration: Kate Spade Spring Campaign

Hellllooooooo! It's Friday again and I am feeling excited for the weekend! Read: Get some sleep. I will do my best to fulfill my commitment to blogging and to help me with that is my new label:Frinspiration. Friday + Inspiration = Frinspiration (insert sarcastic laugh here) Maybe I'm the only one who'll find it catchy? Frinspiration, it's a thing you know. ;)

So today and first official Frinspiration is the.... Kate Spade Spring Campaign. Isn't it lovely? My favorite favorite shade of salmon and orange. *dies* It also reminded me of my Creative Slum Portfolio and CV so I'm just going to admire it for the whole day. Who wouldn't? Kate Spade is as always lovely.

This video of the Musical chairs is just adorable!

And oh I also renamed my labels ---- I'll do a separate posts on that along with many other pending posts. Bleh.

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

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