Friday, 10 February 2012

Lesson 8:Happiness is being with the people that you love.

candid parents are candid
I had the best Chinese New Year ever. Lucky for me I had 10 days break from work and it was a perfect opportunity to see my parents. I miss them everyday and I knew I had to make ze visit count. I had a day with just them and Jim - the 3 people I loved most in one day... SO.MUCH.WIN. *this is a milestone for us guiseeee*

This just shows that we are a living proof that closeness has nothing to do with distance. It's a bit strange to think but I feel closer to them now more than ever. I hope I was able to give them the assurance that I'm okay and even though I live far from them, I am still grounded. You know what I mean. I am their little girl....trying to be a big girl. In those 4 days with them, everything felt right in the world. *tearssssss*

and what is photo dump? Soreeeeeh.

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