Friday, 10 February 2012

Frinspiration: From Scandinavia with Love

I am moving out soon and I am freaking out. All I know is I want a place like the houses in Denmark. Is that too much to ask? haha! The photos above are some of the 1000+ pegs I have of my future house. #truestory

I went apartment hunting with Ange last night and I fell in love with the third unit we visited. I pray to the universe to grant us two more housemates and that anytime today the agent would call me and say... "You got it!". I sooooooo want to live there! I am really hoping that our pa-charming antics worked for Mr. Owner.

Oh well, hoping for the best.


  1. Dyyyy! Sobrang bagay syo yung polka dotted walls!! Lovely pegssss can't wait for all four of us to be neighbors pag andun na yung dreamhouse natin! haha

  2. @Wiji Lacsamana Thank you Titaaaa! I know! sana matupad ko yun wall na yan! <3 Kadaville!!!



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