Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Awww Google Doodle

In the animation’s sweet story, a boy seeks the best way to show his affection for a girl skipping rope. The lad taps Google in his quest to woo her, but his online searches for flowers and chocolates and colorful balloons — all the usual go-to gifts for Valentine’s Day — prove fruitless. The girl is unmoved. Even a top hat containing a peek-a-boo bunny holds no romantic magic. 
Out of ideas, the determined boy inadvertently finds the answer that was before him all along: The jump rope is the ultimate heartstring to pluck. Together, at last, their heart skips a beat.

Google Doodle, my thoughts exactly. Thank you!


  1. Happy Valentines Dy (and Jim)! Missing you because I'm using a Pentel brush pen. (Have you tried it? AWESOME!) Have a nice day! <3

  2. I've always been curious who took over my post as Fab Manila's layout artist, I found your layouts really dreamy :) So I got your name today from their summer collection/album and found your blog and I loooove your blog too! I feel like you're my blog sister or something. :)

    Oh,and I trackbacked on this post a while ago. Hello. :)


  3. @Andreavenge Belated Happy Heart's day! Unfortunately, not available in SG yun Pentel brush pen. I was able to use samples lang. Maybe you can buy for me? haha :P

  4. @riz Hi Riz! Thank you for your comment <3 I think I met you na before in Cubao X. You blogged about the Happy couch right? Blog sisters! I like that! I'll fix the site lang and will post your blog link din. Love the Lobster font! Heeee :3



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