Friday, 9 March 2012

A Birthday Wish List.

Today allow me to exaggerate and be self-obsessed. Birthday celebrants are entitled to that right? Or not? Basta I'm skipping Frinspiration today because it's my birthday! Hahaha so? I'd be a hypocrite if I tell you that all I wanted is a quiet time alone in peace and a nice dinner (nothing special) and today is just a normal day. That's not me! I love birthdays! I don't think of it as getting old but more of a big hug from the universe that you are given another year to make things right, to take chances and to love and feel loved. Naaaaaaks! But can we skip my dramatic sentences for now and look at my very materialistic birthday wish list. Haha! This is a wish list / guide-to-if-you-are-planning-to-give-me-something- list. Hahaha! I saw No.4 outside our room today. Thank you, Ange!

1) (Threadless) 100 pcs shirts 2) K.O.B dresses (yes, kids) 3) (F21) Polka shirt dress 4) (F21) Red with Hearts cardi 5)  (ZARA) Printed Sweatshirt 6) Orla Keily for UNIQLO 7) (SPRINGFIELD) Bresty Dress 8) (H&M) Polka Cardi 9) Pretty Red Blazer 10) (DELIAS) Canvas Backpack 11) (MODCLOTH) Summer Squash bag 12) (MODCLOTH) Plaid bag 13) (MODCLOTH) Small bag for a change! 14) (VANS) Rainbow Polka sneaks 15) (KEDS X MADEWELL) Polka sneaks again! 16) (KEDS) Simple Navy Blue sneaks 17) (DELIAS) Rock and Candy boatshoes 18) Shining Shimmering watch 19) 1 TB Western Digital Mybook 20) WIDE LCA WIDE 21) OMG! I want Olympus OMD 22) Speck case for Lappy 23) Mini Panda Skillet because it's very cool to cook with a panda.

I haven't checked Twitter and Facebook so it has been a quiet morning. I hope there are only meaningful birthday messages and wishes. Wag naman sana generic greeting. 

Materialistic aside, I really want to talk to my family, a movie marathon with Jim, to eat cake and get some well-deserved sleep. Then I can go back to working harder to pay for bills and slowly cross out things on my list. Taking baby steps!

Age is just a number. Let's be young forever. 

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