Thursday, 8 March 2012

She's awkward and she's my bestfriend.

The year is getting hectic by the month! Joses came over to see me and Chris Carrabba late February. We were meeting him for his solo acoustic night at Esplanade. *Hint of exclusivity* It was 75mins of Chris Carrabba - Dashboard Confessional hits = happiness worth remembering. We actually met him, hugged him (I did! sorry Chix) and Joses took a couplesque photo with him thanks to the meet-and-greet afterwards. The queue was very long as if the entire audience wanted to see him up close. Joses and I knew he is someone worth waiting for so we waited and tried not to die of anticipation. Hehe. I asked for a hug and he replied with all his charm and awesomeness - "SURE, I NEEDED THAT!". All caps for emphasis. WAHHH! We couldn't stop talking about what happened! Hangover forever.

SISTER LOVE! Joses with Ate Jabba 


There were countless awkward moments and craziness when she was here. Hindi ko na mabilang ang bloopers and inside jokes! I was taking video outtakes from our time together a.k.a my attempt as an aspiring Videographer and below is the result. Heeeeeee :*

Spontaneous Combustion from Diana Jacinto on Vimeo.

I miss you Joses! Thank you so much for the gifts especially the gift of friendship. hahaha! Keep being your totally awesome self. Remember to breathe ~ CC

P.S. Last night's Death Cab for Cutie was beyond amazing! I have videos!


  1. Happy birthday, Dy! I made my own version of the cardboard taxidermy deer this week (that was so 2010) and I remembered you. I hope to send one to you soon. :D

  2. Thank you Drea!!! :-) Yes let's exchange address please!!! <3 @Andreavenge



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