Saturday, 31 March 2012

Frinspiration: Special edition


I consider this a late Frinspiration. I needed to do some errands before writing. Anyhoo, the last work day of March was very interesting. We had stock check in the office and until this morning I had no idea what it meant. I was 50% excited and 50% scared. Excited because from the sound of "stock check" I assumed it has something to do with inventory and I like doing those kind of stuff. The other 50% is well... something to do with math. Inventory = computations = numbers and it's not really my strongest skill. (Math is not really my friend)

As early as 9:30 am, partners were announced and I was partnered with our new Marketing head Mr. A. He's really fun, dorky and sometimes strangely weird. (The cute kind!) The goal is to yes, literally make a stock check and make sure all the existing items are balanced with what was recorded in the system. Mr. A needs to count all the stocks while I hold the "answer sheet" and just shout "CORRECT!" whenever he says the right quantity. I'm just a look out / checker. Heeee sweet! We didn't need to shout correct but that's who I am. I treat tasks like this like a game show. Next please :-) 

I was reminded of many things today. First is that I am very blessed to be working with Pentel. The company itself (read: freebies all over) and the people that I work with. They are all professional and they are very nice and kind people. I'm still considered as a newbie and being the youngest in the group I am always feel the need to step it up. Our warehouse behind is HU-UUUU-GE!!!! With more than 100 kinds of products, geez, stationery heaven! 

Second reminder was the importance of humility. Mr. A is second to the big boss yet he gamely participated with the activity. He was sweaty (still cute!) and tired but remained enthusiastic until the last item assigned to us. We had 4 pages of products and took us almost 4 hours to finish. It was a free sauna in the morning. Hehe! 

Mr. A and I just recently joined the Singapore team and we are both newbie to the warehouse layout. Trust me, it can be pretty confusing there. Don't you wish there's a real life Command F? ...And so reminder 3 was one should never be afraid to ask for help. If we didn't ask for help both our 8 hours will be spent in the warehouse and I wouldn't want that because I have other tasks to do. -_- 

It was a busy week and once again it was the happy kind of tired feeling. 

*Short attention span mode* I really really miss my Mum and Dad and I also can't forget the Aldo sandals I saw earlier. :P

I hope you had a lovely week to :-) Happy weekend you, awesome you!

All photos are taken with iPhone X Awesomeness of ClassicINSTA app ;)

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