Sunday, 1 April 2012

Awww Letterpress by Ian Coyle

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of these posters in Tumblr and Pinterest and I'm amazed how I can relate on most of the statement. Read on! 

Friends, your secret is safe with me. What secret again? (also I'm forgetful)

IT IS! Lately, I've been planning "investments" and collaborations with friends and it feels scary (in a good way). I have high hopes that things will work out just fine.

Dear Mom and Dad, I love you! Like I said, I feel closer to them than ever. We talk everyday and I'm glad thunlike in high school where I skip negative stories, I can now tell them everything. Almost ;)

This is a fact. I've been bugging Jim to help me dye my hair and eventually get a haircut but I think we need to delay it once again. -_- Not only the haircut is long overdue, it is just one of many other things. 

I wish I know how to cook.. hard core stuff! 

Another complain? Yessir. My nape and lower back hurts all. the. time. I need a new office chair but can't seem to request for a new one though. Boo.

Again, something to do with the future but I'm getting there. #onestepatatime

and lastly, this is self-explanatory.

View more of Ian Coyle works here.

Happy Sunday! 

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