Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hello, Haji Lane!

FINALLY! After 9 months of living in the sunny island, Jimmy finally joined me to Haji Lane! I've always wanted to go but because of our hectic schedule (naks!) laging postponed. We also finally made time to have my films developed! Yes back to my love, Lomography! Haji lane is just around Bugis area where Triple D Mini lab is located. I got the cd last night and it got me inspired to shoot more. The $63 I paid *gulp* was worth it. Ang mahal 'no? 

Anyway, I can't stress it enough that I hate myself for having many excuses why I don't bring my film cameras with me. Instagram slave kaaaaa! Babawi ako!

Welcome to Haji Lane!
Mini D says hi and she's ready!
Hello there, Haji Lane!
One of the many murals around Haji lane
Ice cream vs the sun
Wearing black was a bad idea -_-
More shops upstairs!
Cutesy patootsy!
We saw some students having a video shoot. (I think!)
You just can't ignore this door, yes?
Oops Photo op!
Haggardo Versoza
Snack time!
Haji Lane is reminiscent of my original (and still) love, Cubao X in the Philippines. If like me, you enjoy "one of" pieces, anik-anik and eclectic shops, Haji lane is the place to be. We went to almost all the shophouses and every time I can't help but gasp. I had my eyes on many things and I can't wait to go back again. We walked some more but I couldn't take the heat  and had to be in my lola mode. Kinailangan mag-payong! Haha!

Mainit kasi eh!

'Till next time, Haji lane! Film shots soon! Happy Labor day!

P.S. Special thanks to Jimmy and the photos from his new baby.... HTC One X! Yihieee!

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