Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Photo by Michael Lavine
images via Pitchfork
I am learning many things today and it's not even half of the day yet! First is completely random. Today I learned that there's such thing as Ex-boyfriend shirt, yep, from Madewell. I only knew that there's Boyfriend shirt or boyfriend jeans but I didn't know there's a past love version. Silly! FYI: There's even a Perfect Ex-boyfriend shirt.

Speaking of EX, my love The Morning Benders band announced last March 25 that they are now to be called the POP ETC. In the Pitchfork article, it says "Basically, over the years they learned that "bender" was a derogatory term for heterosexuals in Europe, so they decided to change the name to avoid making music under potentially offensive name". Sounds a legit reason for me.
I love you guys, no matter what.

I am loving this new track from their new album as POP ETC - Halfway to Heaven. If you are liking them as much as I do, you know the drill. POP ETC via Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr :)

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