Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What a wonderful world

Half asleep as I write this entry, I realize that my week is eventful than the usual. Yesterday, first time on a Monday that I went out for dinner / gimmick. I don't usually go out on work days (except the occasional trip to Daiso, haha) or I don't go out at all. Anyhoo, this morning I learned about the Titanic-themed events lined up in the Artscience Museum and tonight is the Lantern Light Up event so I asked my default gala buddy, Jim.  He said yes, so it's a date! 
I was in the mood to check it out because we just watched Tangled last Sunday night. (Gayyyy I know!) This is my favorite scene for reference:

It wasn't as Tangledish as I expected but overall it was still magical. I must say that the "audience participation" is such a winner! We also  got to watch the Light and Water Spectacular (yes!) in front of MBS. It was minutes of full of awws, ohs and dayyyyym! You have to see it for yourself! There was a part in the show were the background music was "What a wonderful world" (thus the title) and I couldn't agree more. Looking forward to more events like this. So much to see and do here, did I mention we didn't pay a cent? Yessir, all free! #wonderfullifeindeed.

Goodnight for now because I have to prepare for a milestone in the making tomorrow. That is...........we'll start jogging. *Badum tss! Good luck! 

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