Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Friendly Reminder:: Get it together, will ya?

Hello! Long time, no post!

I had some health issues I had to deal with this past weekend and I'm glad it's almost over. I hate it when I get sick. Intolerable migraine and sore throat with body fatigue++ decided to pay me a visit! They came even if they're not welcome. No one enjoys being sick right? or watching the people you care for is sick. Unless you're sadistic and all.

I like moving around and doing things so it upsets me BIG TIME that I have zero strength to even go online or play "Scramble with friends". Lol shameless plug! I did manage to watch 4 or more films in one "seating". Meh! Jim and I are convinced that I'm getting sickly because I / we don't exercise and because I / we are lazy! How compatible are we? Hehe! Kidding aside, my immune system is getting weak. Truth hurts.

I was very sick that I had to go see a doctor and take a medical leave for the first time here in the sunny island. Even as a student, I hate being late or absent. Naaaaaks! I always feel embarrassed but this time, what can I do right? I came back to work yesterday and I looked at my tasks and moved some around. I managed to finish some of it so it felt slightly okay. Just when i thought I'm on the road to redemption, another unfortunate thing happened. I woke up late (and semi-panicking) with my throat still hurts, only to find out that there was a train disruption. A train disruption with my travel to work will be delayed? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? -_- As annoyingly optimistic that I am, I remained positive that I can make it on time but sadly I didn't. *wenk wenk* I had no choice but to take the 1/4 day leave (yes we have that!) and pray to the universe that I overcome this disappointment.

I consider this as a wake up call. I need to get it together and I need more focus. After all, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. No need for constant frowning and venting. Ang wrinkles!

Special thanks to Jim for taking care of me. For doing the errands (read: laundry and grocery) and for being patient with the spoiled brat version of me. Heeeeeeee :*

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