Monday, 21 May 2012

Friendly Reminder: Magical Words

Hi ho! I can't slash don't want to sleep because I am so tempted to continue watching Happy Endings Season 2 but I promised myself that I'll go to sleep before 12. (Naks, priorities!) Today, I was just reminded by this print that I saw in Pinterest. As per usual, I did some stalking until I found the source and the source of the source. You know, one link to the next. I am glad that I found this super interesting site "The Thank You Project" and the print for sale via Etsy. This print also inspired me to compile the list of my "5 things I'm grateful for" that I started doing last year as a personal project. What I do is I write down 5 things I'm thankful for that day, example: lovely weather, just in time for the bus or for a cute bus captain (heyyyy!). It gives me so much joy to reflect on the good things around me and I'm pretty sure this habit is what's keeping me full of endorphins. This act is highly-recommended.

A friendly reminder y'all. When you ask a favor, it will be much appreciated if you say "Please" and seriously, will it kill you to say "Thank you" after? May pinatatamaan? Hihi! You're welcome. 

Goodnight! Another long day tomorrow!

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