Friday, 18 May 2012

I want clutter-free!

More of Fab Manila goodness here.
I'm so happy that it's Friday already! In fact few more minutes 'till weekend! I hope you'll like these storage boxes from Fab Manila as much as I do. In my family, I am dubbed as the clutter princess because Mommy is the Queen. Hehe! I'm sure my Mom would love to have these boxes. If only shipping fee is less expensive I'll buy all the colors! Ack! When we moved to our new place here in the sunny island, I had limited area na kalatan so I really think these boxes will be very useful to me. I have to be consistently oc and organized.

I dream of having a clutter-free and organized desk someday. But first I have to get a desk so I can stop hanging out in the dining table or in the bed. I end up sleeping instead of working. We have to make things work for now but Jim and I promised ourselves that we will buy a decent desk very soon. Wow "we" talaga.

P.S. Great Singapore Sale next Friday so I apologize in advance if Frinspiration will be a little late. Hihi!

Have a lovely weekend! 

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