Thursday, 7 June 2012

Reel Talk: Project X

Hello kids! Back in my Multiply daze, I used to write Movie Reviews. Uh huh, I was a feeling "movie expert". Hahaha! Ever since High school, I enjoyed open forums, group sheh-rings, presentations and the like. I am always in full commentary mode. Is it because I like to share interesting sometimes useless stuff or is it just hard for me to shut up? Haha Yes, I bully myself. With the help of my MMA (Multimedia Arts) background naks! and personal opinion (not that it matters) I will try to write a decent, sensible review. I will try NOT to spoil the story or the ending. Hihi goodluck!

Anyway, let me make a new label under "reel talk" for my two cents on films I've watched or upcoming movie trailers and clips. I can't label it for a particular day of the week like Monday Morning or Frinspiration because I'm afraid I won't be that faithful to it. But I will try yo!

The first movie I'd like to review is PROJECT X. Mainly because it's the most recent I've seen and it's the tried and tested kind of film. No complicated film terminologies to use here. Three things I realized when we watched Project X : 1) Some high school kids are scary 2) I want a house with bouncy castle and swimming pool 3) Jim's motion sickness is getting worst! hahaha! Jim showed me the trailer earlier this year and yes, it's very intriguing!!! I keep asking him "What's the Project?!?!" and he replies with a blank face: Shouldn't we watch it to find out? Hahaha K.

Hand-held during the entire movie, I found it to have interesting lighting and camera angles. Reminds me of my vidprod class back in collge. I rate this 3.5 out of 5 bananas! The story is simple but unclear structure, the "conflicts" are wild and events are beyond crazy. The characters are well-played but I guess a bit stereotypical? Like I told you earlier,  tried and tested. Thomas played by Thomas Mann is cute and your typical "nice guy" high school kid. Honestly, he doesn't look like an outcast to me. He drives a mini van but still, he's kyot! Hehehe! Costa (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) are the typical "losers" (their words not mine), fat and knit-wearing, attention-seeker kids and desperately wants to be in the in crowd. I guess they're in luck  (are they?!) because Thomas' birthday party will never be forgotten and dubbed as the most epic party of the century. To say that the party was extremely awesome is an understatement. 

before and after? haha!
Through out the movie I can't help but utter "that's exaggerated!". It also makes me wonder what American high school kids really are. They don't look high school to me at all! Duh, it's a movie Or I am just a sheltered little girl from an exclusive girl school? Hehe! The music from Eminem is just right and fitting. W.T.P White Trash Party, hmm, enough said. Post-Gazette's review is spot on too. Spoiler alert ha!

Rated 26% at the Rotten Tomatoes, 6.6/10 at the IMDB so better see it for yourself na lang. For me Project X is funny and entertaining but some parts are weirdly shocking and a bit offensive. The film left me with an impression that going to a party is like switching your brain off -- no thinking just dancing, drinking and hardcore err, partying. Lastly, there were no robots nor aliens like what I first assumed. Haha! 

Anyone hosting an epic party? 'Till the break of dawn yo!

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