Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beach, please.

There will come a day that you will realize you missed out on certain moments that would matter more in the future than what you actually chose to do over it. As for me, that day is today. I have realized that..... I HAVEN'T BEEN TO THE BEACH IN 6 YEARS! What the hell is wrong with me? I went to Baler around mid 2009 but that's not counted because we didn't went there for swimming or surfing (surfing daw oh!). My last official trip to the beach was 6 years ago in Botolan, Zambales. The trip was quite loooong but very beautiful. My family, together with my relatives went on a road trip to a lovely, quiet place in Zambales. It was like every family road trip that we had, only this time the kids are all grown up and Gab was the only little - running around everywhere angel. I think I slept the entire travel time because I can sleep anywhere, anytime. Seriously, this "skill" sometimes sucks.

It's not that there were no chance to go, the problem was I didn't dare to put off work for a beach trip. I said "No, I can't" many times to Jim and our friends because I have to go to work or I need to be at home for the weekend. It's not like I hated my work or being with my family on weekends but there are times I wished I just said "Yes! Let's go!" Would it hurt if I just skipped work for a few times and be a normal employee who takes a break? *face palm* Hello, regrets.

Ending this realization on a happy note, I hope the next beach trip won't be anytime soon because I will need my body to be beachin'. It is actually a little whale-ish now and not 2-piece worthy. Hahaha as if! I will need to settle for the swimming complex near our place to satisfy this beach craving. HA!

I miss the sand and the smell of the ocean.
So kids, when there's a chance to relax and have some beach fun I say you take it and don't think twice!

P.S. This thought came to me when Jim was recalling the many long weekends he spent by the ocean. (Yes! This is your fault. I kid. :P )

Let's have a BEACH <BR> please. Pretty please.

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