Saturday, 1 September 2012

Traveling Incognito

Like a ninja, I discreetly went back to the Philippines last August 9 after one year of living in the sunny island. I took advantage of the holiday (National Day) despite the bad weather in Manila. Remember the sickening monsoon? All week my newsfeed was full of bad news and I was losing PAG-ASA. (See what I did there....) Good thing, the universe heard my prayers and allowed me to bring some sunshine home.

Here I am with my family and Fr. Dars during our traditional Sunday mass.. Funny that there's photo bombing going on and how poor posture I have. The Jacinto kids all grown up huh? 

My main purpose of going home is to be with my family and for my nephew's bon voyage. Our little Spider-man, Gabriel will be living in Macau to be with his Mommy (the one in yellow). I didn't want to say my bilins over the phone or Skype lol! Besides, it's been one year and I deserve to have a little "vacay". I've been dying to have my usual mani pedi and hair cut din! What is perfect timing?

Happiness is being with the people you love. Sunday lunch--I miss!
Kuya Panch my cousin, my sisters Tina and Ana
With my Kuya's best friend - Kuya Jette aka BVLLET
The reason for my unexpected trip back home..... Meet my nephew Gabriel and dear Lomo the dog. YAY!

Oh how I love to be around these familiar faces.... 

At the airport with my sisters! Surprisingly I wasn't emotional as everybody assumed I will be. Little did they know, I cried my heart out before leaving Singapore. #truestory 

It was also nice seeing my co-bunso (youngest in the family) Nicole! Though we are constantly connected in social media, I missed her so much.

this is me trying to be... badass looking? 
Happy smiles after Greenhills!
Guess who missed taking care of me? Mama Rose!!!

I didn't go shopping like a queen (again contrary to people's assumptions), instead I brought back with me stuff I wasn't able to bring the first time.  But I regret it the minute I opened my luggage! I forgot how limited space we have here...Oh well. I think this is the growing old thing sinking in because instead of panic buying, I only bought the ones on my priority list and focused on spending my "savings" for the people I love the most. Yeessss!

How I wish I had the time to meet my friends but I sure think they'll understand that when I come back we will surely meet and catch up like there's no tomorrow. It'll be the reunion of all reunions. BOOM!

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