Tuesday, 25 September 2012

La Sardina Friday

Hello y'all! I'm taking a quick break and hopefully recover from designer's block as soon as I can on this very busy Tuesday. I was thinking of how much fun I had last Friday. For the first time in months, I wasn't anti-social on a Friday night. The La Sardina Wardrobe opening party was awesome as expected. (TIP: Lomo Gallery Singapore throws the hippest parties) I really love the vibe of Chinatown especially during night time where it's surrounded with lanterns and lively people. Check out the La Sardina DIY creations....

The highlight of that night was spending time with Bibit. I miss her so much and I'm glad that she's able to get off work early than usual. Here we are gushing about the 110 babies followed by our "tired-but-happy" kind of fez.

We attempted to explore Ann Siang Hill but most shops were closed so we just went straight to look for a coffee shop and catch up. We talked about how we miss our friends in Manila and how we'd like to travel the world if only we can actually start saving. I'm not alone! Lol! If not for her, I'd be homeless here in the sunny island. Oh, I love FFF! (Familiar Face Friday)

Lastly, the star of the night (at least in my instagram @dianaplus) was my very own La Sardina baby! Thank you again LGSG! Thank you, Meerly! Everyone, meet Ligo.... I can't wait for our Exploración.

Mmkay, back to work!

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