Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mad Halves +

Reposting from my LomoHome *Teehee*

Now that I found my way back to Lomography, I promise to make up for the two years of what I call passive Lomography.
The Mad Halves workshop at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore last July was the perfect chance for me to learn more about my neglected Diana Mini. (Insert sad face here) I had her for almost two years but I know I had to understand her a little better. Also I've been wanting to visit the gallery so perfect timing indeed.

One does not enter the Lomo Gallery Singapore (and all the Lomo embassy) withou having a mini heart attack. I was distracted by how badly I want everything there. Even the music playlist was A-OK. Raise your Lomo if you fee the same way!  What a happy place - a lomographer's heaven on earth. To say that the Mad Halves experience was good will be an understatement --- it was amazing! I left there with tips, tricks and new friends! Special thanks to Kenneth and Melissa!

Here's a group photo I grabbed from Facebook...

Fast forward to today, below are some of my favorite shots from the workshop. Yay! Behold my partner, Brooke...

I signed up expecting to learn tips for Diana Mini and I went home (with so much more) knowing I have new friends and more reasons to shoot, shoot, shoot! In that note, Lomo walk anyone?

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