Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Awww Sweetdreams

Spotted in the latest issue of YEN - Dawn Tan's ice cream pillowcase set! Love love love!
Ice Cream Pillowcase set @ $75.00 - They say, never to have ice cream before you go to bed. Now with these yummy delectable pillowcases, you can go to sleep without even worrying about putting on weight! Kids and adults will go to dreamland all smiley, while counting yummy flavours. Vanilla, chocolate, mint, chocolate chip with lots of sprinkles, strawberry, mango, bubblegum.... Oh the list goes on! These pillows will be sure to bring about lots of sweet dreams indeed. Simply perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! ~ Handmadelove by Dawn
photo via Handmade with love

I'm glad I checked out her blog because it was lovely! She's so inspiring and talented. In fact, I sent her a fan girl email  that says "Hello Dawn, you are so cute! I want to hug you! You're awesome!...". The fan girl in me can't resist! Haha! You can follow her here, here and here.

Lastly, how cute are these Ice Cream Softies? GAAAAH! (Calling Jim, early Christmas gift!!!)

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