Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Okay? Okay.

Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster. Stop. Making. Me. Cry. Okay? Okay. 

It's been 10 years since I fell in love with Holden Caulfield, felt hopeless romantic for Jamie/Landon and cried rivers because of Henry and Catherine Barkley. Huhuhu! If only I can go back in time to hug my 13 year old self and tell her there's more books and characters to fell for kid. Like "Heads up teenager Dy! There will come a time in your life that you'll make time for reading and you'll be glad you did. You'll encounter two possibilities, a hardcopy and an e-book. Brace yourself." 

The Fault In Our Stars made me snort laugh, cry (as in weep!) and think hard about life in general. Oooh so much impact. Gah!  Too much emotions right now. I believe there is no remedy for TFiOS hangover but read it. Okay? Okay.

Oh and I love you John Green. Don't stop being awesome.

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