Thursday, 10 January 2013

Happy travels and others.

Yesterday, as you can see from my instagram feed (@dianaplus) I took the manfriend to the airport for his flight to Munich. Insert jealousighs here. Yep, I made that word up. He will be there for business and just the right amount of pleasure. Haha! That sounded dirtaaay.

Anyhoo, after posting the photos I realized that a lot of things changed (hasn't changed) for both of us. For starters, I still go for my ever reliable outfit = dress + cardigan + flat shoes combo. This particular flat shoes I got from Bata is a like machine. It's pretty, comfortable and inexpensive. Such a winner! As for the changes, just look at Jim and I....we are getting chubbier by the day, no? TRUTH HURTS. One friend even commented that she didn't recognized Jim. LOL! My hair is also waaaaaay long than most of my friends would remember so they're a bit surprised to see my long locks. (Super unhealthy and unmanageable 'to. Really.)

Other than being nostalgic, I also feel a weird excitement now that Jim is away. To be honest, I'm really happy for him and that the two of us will be apart for a while. I don't speak for anyone in a long committed relationship (NAKS!) but I believe a little distance from each other is healthy from time to time. You may already figured out, we live together. Dundundun! AND it's a huge step for us a, ugh, couple. There's a lot of adjustments and it is never ending. I feel like we both need this time away from each other to do our own thang haha (not that we can't when we're together but you know what I mean...) and we can look forward to the day we see each other again. This is the longest we've been away from each other so we'll see. Let the 3-week break commence!

Happy travels for you, Jim Ryan (Gosling).

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