Monday, 25 March 2013

Day Four!

Sooooo last Monday we went to see Bloc Party live and it was amaaaaazing beyond words! I think no one recovers from that experience easily. NO ONE! I still find myself beaming with joy every time I remember it. Ahhhhhh my heart!

I really think they were awesome! The band, the lights, the sounds EVERYTHING WAS ASFDGKL!!!!! What made it more perfect was the active participation of the crowd. Wiiiiiiild! I don't care if we were sweaty, we just want to sing and dance all night! Absolutely everybody was having fun and perspiring! Haha thanks humidity!

Hey, Gordon!
Let's take a moment of silence to acknowledge the shirtless, Matt Tong. SO SEXY!
Kele, killin' it!

Ohhhh Russel, Russel, Russel.

Here's the setlist!

This will definitely be in my 2013 list of highlights (and for all eternity)! I would like to thank the universe for always blessing me with a concert birthday party! HAHA WOW FEELING! Also, thank you to my constant concert buddy, Jimmy! *throw your arms around me*


  1. I love Bloc Party! I didn't know you have a blog! I love it! Cute layout! :)

    1. This is more like my "BLAHg" Haha! Thank you Alyssa! :)



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