Monday, 1 April 2013

Motivational Monday

Show of hands time! Who here used to dislike Mondays? Me! Me! Me! Mondays can be rough but when viewed with positive feelings, Mondays can be great. When you need a "pick-me-up" to kick of those Monday/work week blues, it's nice to bookmark Eliza Cerdeiros' Motivational Monday project. View the rest of the spot on posters here.

Time to face reality that long weekend is over! *wenk wenk* It has been my most productive long weekend ever in terms of catching up with domesticated duties and TV series. Jim and I watched Downton Abbey S1 all Friday (no spoilers please!) and finished the very intense Dexter S5 after. We pushed our sleepyheads to spend Sunday outside of our nest and even did a bit of easter shopping. Tsk!

Who else is looking forward to watch The Walking Dead's season finale and season premiere of Game of Thrones? Me! Me! Me!

Happy Monday everyone!

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