Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tattly Party with Kathy

Don't you love titles that rhymes? I wish this happens all the time because rhyming isn't a crime! wub womp wub wub *awkward silence* Anyway, last March I did something I've always wanted to do -- get me some Tattly lovin'. Yes! Yes! When my friend Kathy went here for the Mosaic Music Festival, we met up for a Pre-birthday/Tattly Party.

But first - Takoyaki, Tori-Q and Maccha Time!
Then we went for my favorite chocolate cupcake - Awfully Chocolate!

Made in Singapore. Made by Hand. Seriously guys, this is a must try!
Of course...
A special message from H&M...
Let the Tattly Party commence! I got my first Tattly beauties from their online shop and was pleased that there was no shipping problems at all. For my date with Kathy, I got the Popsicles design available at Rockstar! Tattly awesome!
I came prepared! I bought make-up foam thingy for this session. This is serious business people! Heehee!
I'm pretty sure we looked like dorks, carefully pouring water and patting our arms by the bench outside Ion Orchard. Heehee we don't care, we love it! *cues Icona Pop*
Looking legit! They may be temporary but our happiness is permanent.  HAHA YES!
We made a promise that every time we'll see each other, we'll try to get ourselves faux tattoos of awesomeness. Get yours too! Okay? OKAY!

And today is a special day because it's Kathy's birthday! Happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday @wallflowerparty! *virtual awfully chocolate cupcake and bear hug for you*

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