Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Type Love: Citizen Slab + Grand Cafe

Hooray for Typography projects! In high school, I used to make poor name lettering using sign pens and highlighters. I was also busy volunteering every month to make the Styrofoam letter cutouts required for the bulletin boards. Haha how tacky is that?! In college, friends would ask me to identify unfamiliar fonts that they want for their projects and somehow I manage to name them right almost always. Good job brain!

Inspired by A Subtle Revelry and Vale Design, I'm so excited to share with you fonts that are free and/or paid that you can use for your own work. Behold.... TYPE LOVE! I'd share with you my most admired couple fonts through random babbles or quotations. I like to call them a type love team! A new personal project that's part of my pursuit to be more productive as a Graphic Designer and at the same time make OHD more useful. I hope that the hours I spent cataloging fonts I downloaded for free and paid for will be worth it. Let me be a type whisperer! :)
My first TLT (type love team) is Grandcafe + Citizen Slab. From Wiescher Designs, Grand Cafe was inspired by neon lettering with long loops and has elegant feel.

Citizen Slab has a vintage feel and is great for headlines. A typeface created by freelance designer Joel Felix. You can get these beauties here and here. I've chosen 3 favorite friendly reminders and 1 favorite expression to work on....
Motto for 2013 and beyond.
This is bad kerning, people.
Ultimate pep talk.
Favorite pity party expression.

Soooo there, let me know what you think and share your favorite fonts too!

Bonus: A Beginner's Guide to Pairing fonts

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