Sunday, 28 July 2013


Hello hello! MT Masking Tape Singapore opened last Friday and I was there with my good friend Marianne (@kirbibits) to gasp, to drool and of course to shop! Honestly, I was expecting more MT installations (coz have you seen this and this?) but still I was ecstatic when we entered the washi wonderland. Short attention span at its all time high! 

As posted on my IG (@dianaplus)... I can't help but touch, poke everything! Even the exit door is covered with MT! You can also take a peek at my shopping basket. Haha! MT Expo = MT as in empty wallet. 

mt expo singapore

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! Never mind the kuya ha.
mt expo singapore

There were paper lanterns everywhere and how cute are those little houses? Hngggg!

mt expo sg

Tea time with Kirbibits and the cutest glass prop ever!

Go ahead and make lovely washi creations!

Rolls and rolls of pretty MT Casa!

mt expo singapore

This is me trying my best not to do a song and dance number. I didn't know where to start and what to pick! It was crazy!

mt expo singapore
Sunny island friends, you can catch the expo until August 11! Check MT Singapore for more details.

P.S. Halfway through writing this entry I've decided to divide it into two parts. First part for the installations and part two for all those gasp-worthy MT tapes up for grabs. Sounds fun? Fyeahhhhhhh!

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