Saturday, 18 February 2012

Global Game Jam 2012: The experience *badum tss

Global Game Jam 2012 again and this time about our actual game. Trap Dash - is the brainchild of Jim (Game developer) and Dy Jacinto (graphic designer), a game that is all about making decisions under pressure. Haha ang seryoso? Jim and I keep saying that if only we Googled the meaning of the team then we could've make something different or maybe with a more polished concept? Hey! It's hard to be the game designer and coder / artist at the same time okayyyyyy. Maybe next year, we'll be more ready and awake! And more gutsy siguro... Anyway, behold.... Trap Dash!

Game play:
Collect as many smileys as you can by moving the hero around while trying to pass through the traps. Sounds easy? Be careful because the traps are designed for either "enlarged" or "shrinked" or "normal" character only. Decisions decisions! :P
Up - enlarge character
Down - shrink character
Smiley - collect them as many as you can
Metal - only an enlarged character can destroy it
Box - only a normal size character can move it
Small entrance - only shrinked character can pass through 

Blank face, yet? You can play it with a simulator (geek talk), the game is uploaded here.

It was a fun and memorable left-brain right-brain experience for us. Jim helped me overcome (sort of) my fear and we consider this as an achievement. A game in less than 48 hours? Not bad right? Though at first we wanted to back out because of many reasons, we didn't. Don't get me started on how many times we got frustrated with inanimate objects (ex. extension cord) and with each other. How we managed to cope up with each other's mood swings is a mystery. or is it?

Here are some of the photos I grabbed from the Global Game Jam Singapore Facebook page. 

good guy Shaun
hi mok!
not sure if self-conscious or what 
kunwari hindi kabado
what is fail resolution? Haha
smile ebrebadeeeeehhhhh!

and our team photo.... (we didn't plan to wear red, it just happened) #ternohits

 In the end, alI can say is that there is beauty in doing things together. Heeeeee.

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  1. ang hitech naman ng kabataan ngayon! ang cute ng game nyo! :)



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