Monday, 18 June 2012

I'm still alive

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Wooooah. Hello Kids, I'm still alive. I feel like a zombie but I'm still here. All my posts are in draft! Heee! I can't seem to hit publish (just yet). I missed Frinspiration and Monday Morning Pep talk but I'll make it up to you. I might publish it later? or soon! Haha! I got caught up with work ++ and I'm hoping that my time management skills won't fail me this time. I spent the last week longer with AI than with my bed. Huhu sleep, where art thou? So much has happened the last week and I need a <br> to let it all sink in. Anyhoo, just  a friendly reminder for today: "At all costs you must love what you do".

Oh! I think I learned how to whistle this past weekend. WIN! haha #random

Quoting the lady from Breadtalk earlier -- "Happy Nice Day!"

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