Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday musings.

Yesterday, I saw the loveliest love seat and ottoman ever. Behold..... Andy Warhol x Francfranc! It's so perfect that I spent long awkward minutes looking at them. I keep imagining them in my own corner, cuddled with a good book and hot tea. Ahhhh lovely thoughts! I wrote about Francfranc: the happy place here before.

Another amazing thing happened yesterday! Despite visiting my favorite stores (mostly paper and craft stores) I didn't buy anything. As in. I'm so glad Jim was there to keep me from being impulsive. I still wonder how I managed to walk away from the washi tapes, papers and other cutesy stuff that were in front of me begging me to get them. HAHAHA!  Seriously, this is amazing. I maybe having a shopping withdrawal (it's a real thing. Googled!) because I felt a bit deprived sad but after sharing banana split with Jim, I felt better. Whew!

I'm off to dreamland now so I'll have energy to work for the adult responsibilities and precious things around me. Goodnight and Sweetdreams!

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